Tasting oysters and seashells


Culinary The mastery and art of the original, very old recipes

A long hot summer... The master walks into an ancient basement of a family house. He looks around and finds hundreds of old things, tools, accessories and – two dusty books with recipes. It was these exact two books that started the revolutionary cuisine at Bota Šare, a well-kept secret of the Dalmatian coast. If the books served as inspiration, then Bota Šare’s chefs took traditional ideas much further and elevated them to the level of art. This charming restaurant occupies an old salt warehouse on the waterfront of an idyllic village on the Pelješac Peninsula, less than an hour’s drive northwest of Dubrovnik via the coastal road. Tasting a wide palette of oysters, fish, shellfish, black risotto and homemade bread from a wood-fired oven promise a culinary journey that will leave you in awe for a long time. And the most frequent sentence heard in this place is: 'Can I have some more, please?!’