Fly over Slovenia’s highest peak


When you have reached the mountain top, then you shell begin to climb (K. Gibran)

In the foothills of the Karavanke Range, close to the world-famous Lake Bled lies an airport where you will start your picturesque journey. In the decades since the 2nd World War, it has been at this very crowded meadow that airplanes have been taking off and landing; and this is where your very special adventure starts… It has been more than 60 years now since the first ‘air taxi’ took off. During your two-hour flight, you will be able to enjoy many very special view of the Alps, the only national park in Slovenia – the Triglav National Park, finishing the excursion by passing over Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav (2,864 m). Not only will you enjoy spectacular views, but you will also be able to see one of the more challenging walls for mountain climbers – the northern face of Mt. Triglav. Here lies world-famous ‘Sphynx’ rock with approximately 200 metres of overhang. The flight over the Julian Alps and Triglav is both meditative and stunning and we guarantee that you will return to firm ground filled with utmost respect for Mother Nature’s creations and the feeling of limitless peace.