The wind tunnel


Place yourself into the tunnel, float in the air, where the wind blows up to 300 km/h

This freefall simulator in a vertical wind tunnel is a brilliant piece of equipment and a great way to have a go at something very close to real skydiving, ideal for anyone who wishes to challenge him- or herself. It is the safest and fastest way to learn about the secrets of parachuting: 1 hour in the freefall simulator equals to 60 jumps with the parachute. The main idea is to offer you and your team an amazing experience along with valuable skydiving skills. You can be a beginner, recreational or professional – it is not relevant as this will be a fun start of a brilliant jumping career or, if you tackle this course as a team member, a memorable way of upgrading your colleague to a wind tunnel friend – for all time. During the ‘flight’ you will feel fantastic emotions: joy, happiness, freedom and independence. The next challenge here in Slovenia will be skydiving above the breath-taking Alpine mountains or in Croatia above the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Just a natural step forward…