ZIP line in Planica


World's steepest Zipline and valley known to millions of people.

If you are among those who would like to experience just a glimpse of the courage required of ski jumpers, we invite you to ride on the steepest zip line in the world –  located above the Planica ski jumping hill. This is exactly the place where many ski-flying world records were accomplished and now it’s your turn. After all, it is the second biggest and surely the most beautiful ski jump in the whole world. Placed in an idyllic Alpine valley, surrounded by magnificent Slovenian mountains Mojstrovka, Ponc and Jalovec. Only eagles and champions dare to fly here. Will you? This one-hour experience takes you with the chairlift to the top of the ski jumping hill, where an Instructor from the Planica Nordic Centre will guide you and familiarise you with the use of a helmet, safety belt and pulley. The height difference you will conquer is unbelievable - 202 m.  The descent lasts one very long minute. All in all, this is a spectacular adrenalin experience that will broaden your comfort zone quite significantly.