We bring saying ‘business & pleasure’ to life. 

We all know the purpose of an effective incentive package... A change of location, experiencing completely unexpected and unknown things in a lovely and controlled environment is essential for people to relax, open and bond with colleagues and/or partners in the most sincere of ways. 

Painting the canvas of incentives with great ideas is indeed our expertise. Our super-imaginative and creative team will offer Slovenia’s and Croatia’s most attractive natural and cultural attractions featuring exciting activities such as: 
  • Dinning in the sky 
  • All-terrain vehicle excursions
  • Sailing and cruising 
  • Exploring the underground (caves, mines) 
  • Rafting
  • Snow biking
  • Cave biking 
  • World cup races and many other top sporting events 

We understand 100% the importance of motivational events that are stimulating, challenging and rewarding to your clients, partners or employees. Your responsibility is enormous and we will gladly take over from here, providing support with our maximum input and knowledge and creating hand-picked solutions for you. If you are looking to find a true abundance of ideas, look no further than Kompas.

Not only was it that our team, which consists mostly of women, changed from their high heels (that we practically never take off) to soccer shoes for a few hours, but we had a fantastic dinner up in the sky in the centre of Ljubljana, drinking champagne… this day will stay with us forever… Most thankful