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March - Perfect Time in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has been under spotlight for last few years and this very small city is getting busier each year. Unlike drastic weather forecast, Dubrovnik in early spring is warm and pleasantly breezy. The city is quiet and still not completely woken up from winter sleep.


Late March until early April is the best season for large size(over 150pax) incentives and conferences. The weather is relatively mild and no hustle with mass tourists from all over the world and ferries. Most importantly, there are more possibilities for bigger events with lower cost than high season.


Ston is known for world’s second longest wall after the great wall in China and its best quality oyster in Adriatic Sea. (*Distance: 1hour from old town of Dubrovnik by car)

In Mali Ston, salty sea water meets mineral-heavy fresh water from the Neretva River which makes perfect condition for Oyster farm.

Along the shallow bay of Mali Ston, several restaurants offer oysters. Even better, you can taste oysters freshly out from the sea. Admire the turquoise blue water and surrounding hills during the 15minutes boat ride. When the boat reaches to the farm, after a short presentation, the skipper will pick the oyster from the sea and serve immediately. Drizzle the lemon juice and slurp in. Flavor of the sea – salty, fresh and savory – will flood and fulfill your palate.

Even the ones who don’t eat fresh oyster, you may try 1 for an experience and several more to enjoy. Oysters are too good to say no. (*Tip: Oyster is known to have the best taste on Saint Joseph's day - 19th March.)

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