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Unique Dining Venues: Istria, Croatia

Arranging a memorable evening featuring delicious food served in a special ambience, live music and some special animation programme is a creative challenge that we love doing.

As part of their incentive programmes, our clients often wish and ask for a special dining experience. Some wish for a luxurious gala dinner to pamper their colleagues and trusted partners, others search for an intimate event in a unique venue that would encourage their team to relax and bond.

Here's our list of 5 evening dining suggestions in Istria that we propose to those who seek a memorable experience:

1. Medieval dinner with animation and troubadour performance in a castle, first mentioned in 983 as the property of the Bishop of Poreč, in the heart of Istria.

2. Stylish cocktail reception in the garden of an enchanting 19th century villa, followed by spectacular gala dinner with live music by the sea.

3. Charming upscale sunset dinner on the terrace of a neoclassical hotel that has hosted numerous famous guests, among others the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I and dancer Isadora Duncan, with wondrous view of the sea.

4. Authentic dining in a scenic olive plantation to the music of an acoustic guitar concert.

5. Dinner with torches in the world smallest town Hum, charming home of an authentic Istrian brandy spiced with mistletoe and other medicinal herbs, lying on top of a hill.

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