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Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Melting Pot

Bosnia and Herzegovina's main characteristic would most probably be a melting pot of cultures and religions in the middle of Europe. The country has suffered the most during the war in 1990s and it is now opening also to tourists and visitors from all over the world. Because of its specifics, it can offer a wide selection of sights, food and experiences that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. And this diversity is its main advantage.

Catholicism, Islam and Orthodox church are the country's main religions and its cultural artefacts are its main attractions. While the Bosnian pyramids have never been confirmed as the largest human made ancient pyramids on Earth by the scientists, the area has still been promoted as a tourist attraction. North of the capital, there is Jajce town with a beautiful waterfall, also important town in Yugoslavian history.

Sarajevo is the capital of this »heart shaped country« and famous for various important events, also related to the wars (e.g. assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and the longest siege of the city in 1990s). But today visiting Sarajevo, you cannot miss Baščaršija, its famous cultural and historical centre.

Mostar is the capital of BiH's Southern region, Herzegovina. Badly damaged during the war, but today renovated and very popular among the visitors. Besides the stalls and small shops, the small alleys lead you to Mostar's famous Old bridge. The bridge that was built in 16th century by the Ottomans and demolished in 1995, has been recently rebuilt. Annual diving competition from 28m high bridge into the Neretva river in summer is its biggest attraction. But for curious tourists there are always some brave locals that are prepared to jump from the bridge for a high fee.

Leaving Mostar behind, there are a few more places along the road to Croatia that are worth a visit: Blagaj, only a few kilometres from Mostar, is a home of an old dervish monastery from 15th century and its position by the river offers numerous opportunities for refreshment.

Cathedral of Žitomislići, Fortress of Čapljina, Necropolis in Stolac, Vjetrenica cave and Kravice waterfall.

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