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Charming Slovenia: Fun Autumn Incentive Activities

Slovenia is an attractive and active destination year-round. A wide spectrum of sports, cultural, culinary and other activities that it offers includes some activities that can be done throughout the year as well as some that are season-specific and are best experienced in a certain season or even month.

Cold winter months draw visitors that are looking for snow-related activities, e.g. snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snow-sledging, followed by a cup of mulled wine accompanied by relaxing crackling of wood from a fireplace. Summer in Slovenia is a bliss for those who love sun-bathing on vibrant beaches or are looking for a refreshing retreat in one of numerous glamping villages, set in the vicinity of the forests and rivers. Springtime is perfect for hikes in the blooming mountains and plateaus, such as Velika Planina plateau or Golica, as well as for bee- and honey-themed experiences through which the participants get acquainted with our rich beekeeping tradition. How about autumn?


Early autumn months are dedicated to picking grapes in the three Slovenian wine-growing regions (with 14 wine-growing districts) and olives in the coastal area. Since the earliest times, grape and olives harvests have been established as social events. The winemakers’ and olive oil producers’ families have been joined by neighbours and friends on the occasion, making harvesting a fun sociable event. Have you ever tried it yourself?


Slovenia is a green paradise. Forests cover three-fifths of its surface, and it boasts three regional parks, more than 40 nature parks as well as dozen nature reserves. Imagine driving off the beaten path through the endless forests, when all tree leaves have changed their lush green colour for various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. If you add a pinch of adrenaline, learning the basic survival techniques as well as fun team-bonding elements, it’s quite clear why this activity is widely popular with incentive groups.


All foodies looking for an authentic experience will be excited about the tradition of “osmica” found in the Mediterranean Slovenia. “Osmica” is literally translated as “eight”, but in practice it means that some farms turn into temporary wine bars/shops, serving homemade products. The tradition stems from the past, when farms could sell their surplus wine, homemade ham and other products tax-free for 8 days in a year. The custom has been retained to the present day and is very popular with the locals as well as visitors from Slovenia and abroad.

Photo credit: TK Štok, Lisjak, Ptujinfo.com, TuamV

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