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Sustainable destination for your next meeting or incentive trip

Slovenia caught world's attention when named the most sustainable country in the world in 2017 by United Nations. Out of 100 indicators, Slovenia fulfilled 96!

With over 60 % of surface covered by forests, more than 40 parks and reserves, clean and clear waters running from the Alps, Slovenia is a real paradise for all sports in the nature as well as local and authentic activities. With only 20.000 km2, it offers a very diverse landscape, from the high mountains to the Adriatic Sea, mysterious underworld and Pannonian plains. In only a few days you could experience it all!

Certification scheme for sustainable travel

Slovenian Tourist Board has been introducing good practices in the field of development and implementation of sustainable tourism over the past few years and won several prestigious titles, like First green country in the world, Most sustainable in the world, Best in Europe in the category of sustainable destinations and many others.

To achieve that, a strong support was established on a national level. Slovenian Tourist Board has encouraged the entire tourism industry to develop in the direction of being green and sustainable. Green scheme with a certification program and quality standard has been introduced to inspire the efforts of destinations and service providers towards the sustainable development. Today more than 50 destinations, and over 50 accommodations, parks and attractions are promoted under Slovenia green label.

To complete the offer as a 5-star destination, the best authentic, green and local experiences based on their individual and sustainable approach have been carefully selected. These creative activities guarantee unique and memorable experiences in various regions around our green Slovenia.

Unique experiences for our clients

When working on a program for our clients, we let our imagination fly. We want to offer the most exciting, the most amazing experiences that we can possibly think of. From hiking with breath-taking views, kayaking under a high mountain, to a private castle visit or an accommodation in the treetops.

But of course, we always listen to our clients and follow their instructions and restrictions. We either suggest adventurous rafting on fast waters, zip line above the rivers or mountain biking through small picturesque villages. There is always time for local product tasting, visit of a winery, a family run fish farm or a local prosciutto producer. For more culture inspired groups, we suggest candlelight castle visits or city architecture tours. For animal and nature lovers, there is also observation of brown bears or demonstration of truffle hunting.

And we always try to stay friendly to environment, nature and locals.

CSR activities (Corporate social responsibility)

Since more and more companies have socially responsible concept integrated in their business operations, a call for such activity is also sought at a travel destination. Special measurements as limited water and food consumption, selection of locally made gifts and avoiding plastic waste is always encouraged.

In more depth it can be organised as a charity donation or as a voluntary activity of the participants.

Different activities can be suggested in this case, most often they would be related to the industry, the company is coming from. But here are a few general ideas that are available on request: planting of trees, distribution of food, painting of walls, training/educating, recycling, building a garden shed etc. These projects are always addressed individually considering clients' special wishes and goals that need to be achieved.

Contact us on mice@kompas.si for more ideas! You can also read about our company’s policies and its sustainability approach.

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