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Experience Slovenian Outdoors

Did you know that Slovenia is the first country in the world to be named "Green destination"? This award is linked to the development of sustainable tourism but that’s not the only reason Slovenia is a green destination. The green in description also refers to the nature and large forest areas that span over the country. If you want to experience the authentic Slovenia, you cannot miss the nature and many natural attractions, interesting flora and fauna all around the country. In our experience, a day out in nature is one of the best ways for a group of people to connect with each other in a relaxed environment.

Slovenia offers a wide range of outdoor activities all year around, from hiking, rafting, biking to skiing. Thanks to the variety of landscapes, we can always find a place and activity that is suitable for everyone.

Just out of the city

The Ljubljana Marshes are located just south of Ljubljana and are a unique intertwining of meadows, fields, hedges and canals. The natural park offers great biodiversity as it’s a home to over one hundred species of birds, some 90 species of butterflies and dragonflies and amphibians. It is also part of UNESCO World Heritage due to Slovenian pile-dwellings which take us back to the time of permanent settlement in the pre-Alpine region and the beginning of agriculture as well as the Iron Age. If you’re looking for an idea how to spend time in nature right after a meeting or conference this is the perfect way. Jump on a bike and before you know it you’ll find yourself surrounded by green plains and numerous birds.

Around the disappearing lake

Visit the lake that disappears and reappears. This special natural wonder is located in the middle of a large Karst filed south-west of Ljubljana and is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. The regional park offers a diverse selection of cycling trails in an idyllic natural environment. Not far from the lake there is picturesque Rakov Škocjan valley, formed from the collapsed Karst caves. The valley is home to more than 250 species of birds, more than 40 mammals and 120 species of butterflies. A pleasant walk through this valley will leave you in awe with its natural beauties. Spend a day biking and hiking around Notranjska regional park and enjoy these unique natural wonders.

Into the Slovenian jungle

The region of Kočevje is the most naturally preserved woodland in the countryside. In its deepest corners there are many remains of the primeval forest the human hand has not yet touched. Rog, the spacious Karst highland between the Kočevje plain and the Krka valley, is among the best-preserved regions of Kočevje. For centuries the ridged reefs have remained untouched by human activity. The region is the home of the wolfs, the lynx and the most famous Slovenian brown bear. You will be enchanted by the mighty trees where the time has stopped. A full-day walk with professional nature photographer and guide is something you’ll remember for a long time.

These are just a few of our picks for everyone who would like to recharge their batteries in unspoiled nature as well as for those who want to experience the authentic Slovenia. If you want to learn more about the activities you can do in the Slovenian outdoors, keep your eyes on our awesome blog.

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