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General Assembly of Tourist Agents Network

Between 2nd and 5th November 2017 Slovenia was hosting the annual Lufhansa City Center General Assembly in the coastal town of Portorož. 470 participants from over 70 countries came to Slovenia to meet, to learn and to explore. And they left delighted promising they would come back again.

At Kompas LCC, a longtime member of LCC family, we were happy to be part of the organization team of this General Assembly. We worked closely with LCC headquarters to cover all details and to organize the best possible experience for our colleagues and friends from Lufthansa City Centers from around the world.

LCC GIN Live Tour

LCC GIN Live Tour on Saturday, 4th November was a day to show what Slovenia has to offer. Since there were only 3 hours available to show the conference participants what Slovenia has to offer, we ere not able to take them on a tour around the country to show them the main attractions. So we had decided to bring Slovenia to the coast.

Several Slovenian tourist boards and local tourist offices responded to our call to come and present their offer in Portorož. The LCC agents were able to meet and learn about Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, Bled, a small Alpine town with a lake and an island in the middle, Lipica Horse Stud Farm, Pomurje region from NE Slovenia, coastal towns Piran and Portorož as well as East Slovenian countryside and their delicious local products.

Tourist information was enriched by a folklore performance as well as by a violin and a choir concerts in two churches in Piran. During the guided walks around Piran the participants learned about the town of Piran, its rich history and its famous composer Guiseppe Tartini. Everybody was thrilled with this idea and they left with happy memories.

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