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Incentive trip for Asian clients

In July, we had 715 delegates from Malaysia. What comes in your mind first when you hear “Malaysia”? Mine was the line from tourist board’s commercial “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. Other than that, I had to use the power of internet.

Food plating according to Asian clients' preference

Malaysia is known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences… During the project, I realized how important it is to understand this sentence.

Malaysians have good taste in food so balance between local cuisine, Asian cuisine and halal food is the key. As it was for more than 700 delegates, every detail mattered – ingredients, method of cooking, plating and decoration.

Our tour covered Croatia and Slovenia more precisely Zagreb, Plitvice, Ljubljana and Bled. It was essential to keep the consistency for all services throughout. Also, branding was a big part to make the tour exclusive and customized.

We were delighted to have 715 delegates who were truly jolly and attentive guests. It was a valuable experience for KOMPAS MEET to work with bigger size and well-organized incentive group as well as to learn about Asian culture and their special wishes.

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