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Slovenia, hidden gastronomic gem in Europe

In last October, Slovenia was awarded the official title of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 (the same year as its presidency to EU). This title is a big recognition for Slovenia and everybody that has been working on country's recognition as a unique 5 star experience destination. Gastronomy has been defined as one of top leading tourist products in the strategy of Slovenian tourism with the focus on sustainability and this title will greatly contribute to its promotion and reputation.

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Slovenia, not even 30 years old, had been part of different large empires over the past centuries and as such it had been influenced by all these foreign cultures as well as their food. Turks, Austrian-Hungarians, French, Italians, Germans, Yugoslavs, they all left their traces in Slovenian gastronomy before leaving this region.

But over the last decades Slovenian chefs have rediscovered Slovenian basic foods and on its base they have elevated Slovenian cuisine - local, high quality and authentic. Their original but also traditional plates caught attention of the gastronomy minds around the world and Slovenia is becoming one of the hidden culinary gems in Europe still to be discovered.

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Slovenian food that has been long known as »peasant food«, has recently with fresh local and organic ingredients become a real hit and its chefs have become the new stars. Chef Ana Roš, that first appeared at Netflix's Chef's Table, became World's Best Female Chef in 2017. Janez Bratož and JB restaurant was listed among the World's 100 best restaurants on San Pellegrino's list.

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Among the Jeuns Restauraters and Chaine des rotisseurs we will find chef Igor Jagodic from restaurant Strelec and chef Bine Volčič from Monstera in Ljubljana, chef Tomaž Kavčič from Gostilna pri Lojzetu, chef Uroš Štefelin from Vila Podvin and many others from different corners of Slovenia.They will guarantee you high quality, upscale comfort food with local produce prepared in a new, modern and innovative approach.

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