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Unique Event Venues: Ljubljana

Meeting in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere for a small group of creative people. Look no further.

Ziferblat, Ljubljana

Ziferblat is a place where everyone will feel at home. When you walk in through the main door, you have the feeling like walking into someone’s house.

There is a small kitchen that serves coffee, tea and other soft drink. All self service. Tables and chairs are available all around the room together with newspapers, magazines and books.

Bigger room down the corridor can easily be turned from a cozy living room with sofas to a meeting room for up to 30 guests in theatre style setting. There is a projector screen and audio speakers. It can be used for meetings, lectures, smaller concerts, film or game nights, any sort of social events, workshops and more.

Ziferblat is open every day as a coffee shop and it is part of a unique social club concept, based on pay-for-minute principle. Meaning, everything is free inside except the time you spend there. 😊


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