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Glamping - Why It's Better Than Hotel

When the summer holidays approach, it’s sometimes tricky to decide whether 5 star hotel pamper package or cost saving camping in the nature. Now you may choose the 3rd option which is #glamping.

Photo credit: Obonjan riviera

The word glamping is a combination of glamour and camping which can be easily assumed, it’s a perfect compromise between luxury hotel and campsite. Slovenia is ahead this trend and even planning on global quality certification scheme in glamping called “World of Glamping”.

Photo credit: Green resort garden village Bled

Glamping offers hotel class comfort such as clean bedding, amenities, private bathroom and sometimes even a private outdoor hot tub. At the same time, it’s mostly located in the pristine nature with great atmosphere and the privacy.

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A true retreat is not only about resting the body but to feel the part of the mind that you didn’t during the same old daily life. Hike around the glamping site or swim and read books that’s been procrastinated in the nature will awaken the feeling you’ve forgotten in the city - relaxation, joy and somewhat excitement. Glamping will help you regain the energy and freshly return to the reality.

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