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Serbia, new meeting destination to discover in 2019

Situated in Southeast Europe, in the centre of Balkan peninsula, in Danube river basin and Panonian plains, Serbia is an ancient as well as a contemporary destination, with rich, centuries long history. It is also an exciting new meeting destination and an unique option for fun and adventures.

For centuries, Serbia has been on the crossroads of various civilizations, like Byzantine and Roman, Ottoman and Austrian empires. And so forth Serbian culture is a fusion of multicultural customs, flavours, music and architecture. Visitors will have plenty of opportunities to experience this diversity through simple visits, workshops, teambuildings and tastings.

Rakija, Kajmak, Baked beans

There are many traditional must-try Serbian dishes, that you should not miss. Among them rakija, a famous brandy, served as an aperitif, offered before the start of a traditional meal in Serbia. Rakija is made from pears, plums, apricots and quince, often served with a starter kajmak cheese, smoked and cured meats, as well as oven baked beans.

Manasija Monastery, Despotovac, Serbia

Serbia offers excellent wines as well. Eight wine producing regions and over 50 varieties of vine offer opportunities to taste exceptional wines, walk through vineyards and get to know more about wine making in Serbia.

From the cultural point of view you can admire numerous medieval monasteries and churches, dating from the 12th century onward. They contain many fine frescoes and icons reflecting Serbian heritage through their saints and sovereigns.

Ethno village Drvengrad

Lakes, rivers and mountains in the Western Serbia offer numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling, skiing, white river rafting and also birdwatching. You can also experience classic cars, speedboats, ethno villages and old train rides.


But when we are talking about meeting and events, Belgrade, Serbia's capital, is definitely the most important place to be in Serbia. With the population of one and a half million, only half an hour from its international airport, it is in Belgrade, where the Serbian tradition meets the modern. Modern 5* and 4* hotels, international chains like Hyatt, Hilton Radisson Blu, Holiday Inn, Falkensteiner, small and unique boutique hotels, Belgrade fair ground with 40 hectares and the biggest congress centre in Serbia make possible to host conferences and meetings of different sizes.

Skadarlija street, Belgrade

Modern and tradition meets also in the centre of town, where you can enjoy the ethno music and traditional meal at Skadarlija in the heart of the city or look for international cuisine at Savamala and in New Belgrade.

Read more about different options for your business groups in Belgrade in our next blog post!

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